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Design, present, share and improve Customer Journey Maps fast, easily and effectively.

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Focus on your Customers

Impress with what really matters to them.


Design amazing looking Customer Journey Maps in just 4 minutes, easily and effectively, and be(come) an expert in Customer Journey Mapping.


With one simple click you present your maps in presentation mode, convince your colleagues or even the management.


Share your maps in different formats privately or publicly, in the community or with your colleagues to collaborate and to get feedback.


Turn data to insights to action easily and improve within your organization, and then impress your customers.

Design and present stunning Customer Journey Maps in 4 minutes

The tool is simple to use, so you can visualize the experience of the customers. MilkyMap is straight forward, to-the-point, intuitive and has lots of design. MilkyMap works for every sector and is intended for everyone.

Share your maps

Easily share your Customer Journey Maps with others in different formats and boost collaboration in your organization. Add a personal message and start improving the customer experience. Export Customer Journey Maps to use in your presentation in seconds.

Improve by connecting
with the community

Share knowledge and skills with each other. Using gamification, MilkyMap makes it fun for everyone to make and share more and better Customer Journey Maps. MilkyMap analyzes the data collected in order to create best practices, better maps, in-depth insights and build blueprints that others can use.

Manage Customer Journey Maps and
collaborations efficiently

Organize maps in your own dashboard and monitor your activities.

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